10 Points Differentiate Us

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10 points That Differentiate Us from Other Companies

  1. Spanning 5 Decades in Business
  2. Reliability-same workforce 4 decades- avg age worker 43 
  3. Over 10,000 Customers chose us for their work
  4. Accessibilty: Offices & Showroom,24 Hour Answering
  5. Experience in Remodeling only: Average worker has 28 years in industry
  6. Proven Project Systems: Remodeling work is accomplished by an acquired ,learned "System". We've been perfecting that system from concept, to project management, to final phase-since 1973.We minimize customer inconvenience for your benefit.
  7. Supplier Loyalty:Any material problems are more easily addressed for customer satisfaction.Who would not want to satisfy a remodeler purchasing millions for  5 decades? Supplier loyalty translates to customer satisfaction long after finish.
  8. Full Design/Build Services-We offer full in-house professional  drawings & plans.
  9. Design Studio "After" photos before Project ever begins.Don't just imagine it , SEE the job in advance with Full Photos with Pro RenoWorks Program.
  10. Family owned- Our Pride is at Stake ! Our name is on our job signs. We care about your project. It means something to us.  

             Trust is earned, not by good marketing.Many companies can 'spin' a good image. We built ours.You want a good remodeling experience. We offer it fully.You want a happy ending. We create happy endings.
              Put the Conte family to work for your remodeling needs. A business you can trust. Let's work together.
Thank You- All the Conte's-Mike, David, Pete, Larry, Trevor , Richard, Chucky and all our folks